June 28, 2017

new Features for the – PMP Exam Simulator – probably the best PMP Exam Simulator out there! – PLUS 12% OFF in June!

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by Markus

June 28, 2017

Exam Simulator and Course

Two new awesome features for the probably best PMP exam simulator out there:

Over the past months our development team has been working hard to implement a number of features you requested for The PM Exam Simulator. They add new functionality to the simulator and don’t affect exams or quizzes you have taken in the past.


Based on a number of lessons learned that students posted in our forums we have introduced “Strikethrough”.

As one student put it, in the actual Prometric exam you can “right-click to strikethrough obvious wrong answer choices”, which helps you get to the correct answer. This also works on mobile devices where you “long-press / press and hold” on the answer text to strike it through. It’s a great feature to visually ‘eliminate’ answers you think are wrong.

Here is an example of what it looks like if you strike through three of the available answers:

To remove the strikethrough from an answer you simply right-click on it again.


Next we are introducing the “Filter Mode” as an improvement and replacement of the current “Unanswered Mode”.

The filters are available both while you take an exam/quiz, and also when you review your results. The filters allow you to quickly navigate within specific groups of questions. For example, during an exam or quiz you can set the filter so that the system will only show you the marked or unanswered questions. That’s especially helpful when you are near the end of your exam and time is short and you want to make sure you don’t have any unanswered questions or perhaps want to give a final review to those you have marked.

Once you have completed your exam and you are reviewing your exam report, you may want to focus specifically on those questions that you answered incorrectly, or those that came from a specific knowledge area or domain you are struggling with? The new filters make it possible to do just that with a few clicks.

Here you see an example of the filter options available in the report (after completing an exam):

During an exam, the filter only offers the options for All, Answered, Unanswered and Marked.

Here are the awesome key features of the PMP Exam Simulator:

most important:

♦ Access countdown only starts when you take the first exam!

(that means you can buy NOW getting these great 12% discount but starting the Simulator in August for instance; awesome … isn’t it?!)

♦ Access detailed exam reports, explanations and references

♦ Exam-like questions, developed by a team of 7 certified Project Managers

♦ Timed mode, learning mode and real exam mode

♦ Practice exams on your preferred device. Anytime. Anywhere.

♦ Certified project managers provide answers to your questions

♦ Questions are updated to the latest Project Management Institute (PMI)® exam content outline

♦ Access countdown only starts when you take the first exam

♦ Unsure about an answer? Mark it like on the real exam

♦ Identify your weak areas with detailed and in-depth statistics

♦ Practice anytime from anywhere. No installation necessary

♦ Retake each exam as many times as you like for practice

♦ Screen layout and functions correctly mimic the real exam

The PM Exam Simulator™ gives you an “insider’s view” of the actual PMP Exam. Practice on 1,800 highly realistic PMP Exam sample questions based on the current A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Prepare “like real” with the 90-day access as often as you want. Read detailed explanations alongside all answers and learn why your answer was / was not correct. Learn effective test taking strategies with The PM Exam Simulator and pass the PMP Exam on your first try!

We appreciate any feedback about this offer, our blog and how we may improve it for you, please use the comment function below to let us know. Thanks!

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