June 16, 2017

PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition will be released on 6th of September 2017 – everything you need to know about the new PMBoK guide Edition and the related exam changes!!

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by Markus

June 16, 2017

pmbok guide sith edition and agile practitioner guide bundle

The PMBoK® Guide is changing. The upcoming new 6th Edition is announced to be released on the 6th of September 2017, with some significant changes. This will change the PMP syllabus. Alongside these changes, PMI is also working on other changes to the PMP Exam. These are designed to keep it relevant to modern PM practices, and to maintain standards.

Here is what the PMI has stated*:

“As a result of the release of the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition in September 2017, the PMP exam will change soon. These updates will ensure the exam content is consistent with the PMBOK® Guide.”

This appears (6 June) on their website, at: Coming Soon: PMP Exam Update

The PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition will be available in print and digital formats on 6 September 2017.

PMI members can download a free digital copy upon its release.

Translations (print and digital) in 11 additional languages will be available in October 2017.


Here is an overview about the major changes that will happen:

 Agile and other iterative practices

As some of us already heard there will be some new content to emphasize the importance and relevance of agile and other iterative practices.

Different from previous editions, the PMBOK®Guide –Sixth Edition will contain numerous references to adaptive and iterative practices, including agile. This decision was made in response to the requests of PMIs stakeholders.

PMI Talent Triangle™

Will the new PMI Talent Triangle™ find its reflection in the upcoming PMBoK Guide Version? Of course!

Key Concepts

Many key concepts addressed in the first three chapters of the PMBOK® Guide are covered, in abbreviated form, in Section I of the Standard. Section II of the Standard contains a description of the project management processes, organized by Process Group, along with their key benefits, inputs and outputs.

 Processes; Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

The Process Groups remain the same in the Sixth Edition, although two Knowledge Areas have new names:

There are three new processes in the Sixth Edition:

Estimate Activity Resources is still part of the Planning Process Group, but it is associated with Project Resource Management processes instead of Project Schedule Management processes.

The total number of processes will count up from actually 47 to 49!

In addition, some processes have different names.

Project Management Plan Components and Project Documents

Please note the changes to the project management plan components and project documents

additional Changes (as known yet):

Chapters Re-alignment

Process Tailoring

“Lessons Learned Register as new ITTO:

New Appendix Information:

This is what we know about the upcoming changes yet. There may be additional changes until the final version will be released.

We will inform you accordingly.

We have conducted a detailed description of all changes known so far within our “Project Managers PMP Exam prep guidance” program.

There is also a Q&A section about the new PMBoK Guide version and about the expected PMP exam changes included . Registration is FREE!

Exam Prep Guidance Program

In the Q&A section – which is included in our Module about the upcoming changes which is part of our  Exam prep guidance program – we do answer all the following questions:

  • What are the known Facts?

  • What will be New in the 6th Edition of the PMBOK Guide®?

  • What are the Impacts on PMP Aspirants?

  • What about Updated PMP Exam Prep Materials?

  • What if I’ve already Got MY PMP Certificate?

  • … many more …

In addition we have commented all the facts based on our yearlong experiences. And of course you can ask your own questions within the comments section and we will do our best to answer them to your satisfaction. And may be we will add your question also to our Q&A collection!

To view the complete Q6A section just klick on the picture below and join our “Project Managers PMP Exam prep guidance” program – it is totally FEE!

Exam Prep Guidance Program
PMP Exam change based on the new PMBoK GUide 6th Edition is expected to come from:

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