April 24, 2020

Review of uCertify’s PMI-PgMP Online Course

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by Markus

April 24, 2020

Many of you are already PMPs like me and maybe looking for the next Career Step, right? 

And one option could be becoming a certified Program Manager. This is also an option for me and therefore I have started looking for good online resources that can help me in preparing for the PMI-PgMP Exam. 

And one resource I want to introduce you is the PgMP preparation kit provided by uCertifycause I liked it a lot and I am convinced it can be very helpful to yur preparations also. 

Here is a short review from me, so you can see what to expect: 

If you are planning to take the PMI Program Management Professional (PMI-PgMP)® certification, you need first-class study materials for optimal preparation.

After all, the Practical Standard for Program Management is not exactly a captivating read, and PMI itself recommends that you obtain additional materials for self-study. There are not too many study aids available on the market for PgMP certification, and even fewer of them are really good.

uCertify offers a first-class online preparation course for this that goes far beyond mere lessons. 


After you have logged in, the system is easy and intuitive to navigate. The course contents cover all areas of program management that are examined in the exam: You can search for topics and annotate them, making it easy to add your own notes. Each chapter ends with a "Next Steps" section that takes you to the relevant quizzes, flashcards and exercises or lets you skip to the next chapter.

The first thing you should do is to do the pre-course assessment which allows you to judge how much you already know about program management. This will give you a sense of where you currently stand and where your knowledge gaps are. And this will help you to focus your learning plan on these.

Tests and evaluation 

One of the best features of this training course is a comprehensive assessment function. With the Test Progress and Performance Analysis module, you can check what you have studied, how long you have studied and created a study plan. The study planner calculates whether you can meet the examination date you have proposed and whether you are ready for it, given the amount of work you are currently investing in. This is an ideal tool for managing your learning plan and a real advantage for self-study courses of this kind. I have not seen this in a comparable form with any other provider. There are many built-in quizzes, as well as flashcards that allow you to assess yourself. The practice tests can be taken in learning mode or in test mode (including time taking). You can simulate the real exam situation well!


This course offers high-quality content and is, therefore, a very good and cost-effective way to learn for the PgMP exam. The course offers a variety of options and learning tools so that online self-study never gets boring. The motivation to learn is continuously high and the success rate is impressive, which also speaks for the course and for uCertify.

I know several providers who offer preparation materials and courses for the different PMI certifications. Most of them for the PMP, of course, but also for many others. Really good online courses for the somewhat less frequented certifications such as the PfMP or the PgMP assessed here are much rarer. uCertify is a praiseworthy exception here! They offer Courses for practically all PMI certifications (and many others besides) and all at a very high level. In my opinion, uCertify offers a lot of value for the required price and is a clear recommendation to buy.

If you want to buy the course (279$) or learn more details you can click HERE or just one of the above pictures and you will be directed to uCertify's PgMP page

Let me know in the comments how you like this article or if you do have any further questions.



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