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As a project management professional, you have to adopt quickly and flexibly to new situations and challenges in the current business environment.

For this, you need the broadest possible skillset and a toolkit that supports YOUR skill set in the best possible way.

Our collection of 
templates and artifacts has been developed precisely for this purpose and enables you to

create very effectively, quickly, and efficiently the artifacts required

depending on the project situation.

The ToolKit Highlights

Boost your efficiency!

All items are ready to use out of the box! Do no longer waste time in creating and designing slides on your own ... 

Fully editable and customizable!

Do You need to change colors? No problem! Do You need to add something? No problem! All items are fully editable without any constraints!

Most needed items covered!

Project Charter? Scope Definition? Change Request? Communication Plan? ... all included! And many, many more ... as you can see right down below ... 

Bonus Content -
PRO Version exclusiv!

Only in our PRO Version Packages we do include additional Bonus Items; from single Templates i.e. Project Charter to complete ToolKit Packages like "Project Management Plan" etc.

Scroll down for a complete list of the included Bonus Items ... 

Be the PM Champion in your Organization!

Create professional looking, high value and "on-the-point" PM Artifacts within seconds and impress your stakeholders! 

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These are just a few examples of what you can expect by downloading your
"MP4PM PM POWER Pack PRO Version"!
 In addition your package does include many variations of the different types and items for all Project Management Areas like Scope, Stakeholder, Communication and so on ... 

What our customers are saying:

" ...great source of help, inspiration and information ..."

"Markus’ innovative MP4PM Project Management Power Pack is a great source of help, inspiration and information to anyone practicing Project Management. Markus is like a personal trainer, always on hand to help out, guide and motivate you towards your goal."

Shailesh Karnik   //  PMP

" ... strongly recommended ..."

"The ongoing support of Markus Kopko has helped me keep the motivation high. I really appreciate this MP4PM Power Package and strongly recommend it to anyone who is practicing Project Management. I won't miss that tools anymore in my day job ... " 

Mª. Eugenia Labajos Fernández  //  PMP

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- Item Category Overview - 

If you click on the toggle section down below, you will get an Overview by Examples of all the included Item Categories. You may skim through here. Please note, that these is still only a part of the included items while all included categories are dsiplayed. But you will have additional variations and items in each of that categories:

CLICK HERE to see all Category Examples in an Overview

Please note, that these is still only a part of the included items while all included categories are dsiplayed. But you will have additional variations and items in each of that categories:

Markus Kopko  //  Creator of the MP4PM Power Packs and founder of and www.mp4pm.clubr


My name is Markus; it is great to meet you!

You may ask yourself, who is that guy, and why should I use his resources?

I would ask myself the same as a visitor of this site. So here is some information about me and the intention of bringing this online.

I have more than 20 years of project/management and leadership experience. I have proven the success of project management in IT services and outsourcing in many different branches like Telecommunication, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Automotive, and many more ...

One of my main goals and motivations is implementing the PMI project management philosophy and a PMI-based project management methodology in my daily work. I created and the MP4PM Power Packages to pass on and share this enthusiasm.

As a project manager and PMO expert in the IT services and outsourcing business, the skills I have acquired have led to a passion for PMI's project management philosophy. I received my PMP certification in August 2015, and I am also an officially accredited PMP Trainer by PMI.

The driving force behind the development of the website and the MP4PM PM Power Packages is to share that sources and knowledge which allow everyone to apply the processes and principles of the PMBoK Guide in their daily work and even in their lives!

Markus Kopko, PMP

Join Over 3,000 Happy Users

I am honestly very impressed."

" ... That's pretty much how I imagined it to be. If only there had been something like this at the beginning of my career... The maps with the structure, the templates and the links. That's exactly what you need when you start leading projects after being sent to an introductory course and reading one or two books on the subject yourself.

And then the opportunity to exchange ideas on the platform in order to fill the whole thing with experience and make your project come to life..."

Note by the Creator: This testimonial refers primarly to the MP4PM Website at

Julia Stone  //  Head of Quality Engineering

“Finally something useful for practice! This should also be the case for many other areas like Business Analysis ... !"

“Markus, first of all mega-respect for what you have built. I still have the impression of learning for the PMP exam and the corresponding material in my bones, so your product is really great because it makes it much easier to put theory into practice. The whole layout of the page is elaborate and of high quality. ...".

Note by the Creator: This testimonial refers primarly to the MP4PM Website at

Peter Dawson  //  IT Project Manager & Business Analyst

Bonus Section - What you also get!

Member-exclusive Access to a private Facebook Group

As a member you will get access to a private FB group only for Members of MP4PM. In that group we will provide exclusive content and stuff, live sessions; Mentoring; Lectures and you do have an additional communication channel to reach us and the community experts.

Set of ready-to-use Project Management Template Packages:

1. MP4PM Project Charter Template Package
This Package includes a 100% PMBoK Guide aligned Project Charter Template (Word) PLUS an Assumption Log Template (Word) and many additional Files like Mind Maps to help you with Project Charter Development and Presentation. 

2. MP4PM Project Management Plan Template Package 
This Package includes a 100% PMBoK Guide aligned Project Management Plan Template (Word) and many additional Files like MindMaps to help you with Project Management Plan Development and Presentation. 

Project Charter Word Template

Project Charter Word Template 

Project Charter MindMap

Project Mgmt Plan Outline

Project Mgmt Plan Process Mind Miap

Project Mgmt Plan Development Mind Map

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not convinced. Can I have a free taste?

Well, as you can see from the sample images, we have put a lot of time, work and effort into the compilation and preparation of this TollKit. The price is in our opinion very reasonable for the value you get.

But of course we also understand that you don't like to buy "a pig in a poke". You are welcome to download our MP4PM PM POWER ToolKit FREE version.
Our PRO Package contains ALL items of the Free Version plus advanced versions and of course many, many additional items.

Do you enhance and update your Packages regularly?

Again ... YES, we will. 

We will develop our packages further on a continous basis, enhance and update the exisiting packages and create many more new packages over time. 

To have access to all current packages at any time, you may consider joining our MP4PM community of like-minded professionals:

How can I get this MP4PM PRO Package?

Just click at one of the buttons above and you will be directed to the product page with all the details you need to know.

If you decide to buy the PRO Package you will be directed then to the checkout page. After entering your payment details there you will get immediate access to all the items included. 

I like this ! Do you offer more stuff like this?

Absolutely YES!

We are already working on more packages and in the  near future there will be more such MP4PM Packages available like "Project KickOff"; "Business Case Analysis"; "Develop Project Charter" and many more.

As a MP4PM User you will be on the mailing list (if you want to) and get automaticly informed about any updates or new packages.

Is your content aligned to PMIs current PMBoK Guide Edition?

Yes, it is!
Our goal is - and we working hard on that - to cover all the "Models; Methods & Artifacts" mentioned in the PMBoK Guide ... and beyond.

We will not stop there. 

Since even the list in the PMBoK Guide is not comprehensive and just examples, we will build a HUGE Library of available Models, Methods and Artifacts ... stay tuned. 

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