MP4PM – MindmaPping for Project Management” includes Mind Maps and Templates for each and every Project Management Process so you can build your own Project Management Framework and Plan!

Our Top Priorities:

  • a 100% PMBoK Guide aligned Maps and Templates
  • 1 “central” Map for each Management Plan; in total you will receive your complete Project Management Plan this way
  • at least 1 Map & Template for each Kay Deliverable in any Process (mostly we will have several Maps and Templates for the specific processes)
  • 1 central Project Dashboard Map with automated information Updates
  • building an specialised Membership Community of Experts, supporting each other
  •  loads of Content like In-Depth Articles, Training Videos, Courses and much more ... 

Do you want a MP4PM Sneak Preview? Well, here we go: 
MP4PM Project Charter Package - FREE Download!

MP4PM Project Charter collage

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You will get several deliverables which you can use out of the box even if you never have done MindMapping before or even do not use a Mind Mapping Software currently.

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