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"helping people to master PMI certifications is my passion
making PMBoK Guide applicable to your daily work is my mission"

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Markus Kopko
Founder pm.PLUS

About the Author

Hey Guys,

that's me - my name is Markus and I am very pleased that you are here and taking time to read this! Well, why do I think I can help others becoming PMI certified and helping them making the PMBoK Guide applicable in there day-to-day job as a project manager or other project related people? I am gonna tell you why: I do have more than 18 years of relevant experience now, including more than 16 years in Project and Program Management.
i am passionate about the PMI philosophy and one of my central objectives and motivations is to implement and deploy the PMI project philosophy and a PMI-based project management methodology in my company. If you want to learn more about me, my background and my intentions please go here. Thanks for reading!

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"The ongoing support of Markus Klein has helped me keep the motivation high. I really appreciate this program and strongly recommend it to anyone who is planning to take the PMP exam."

"Markus’ innovative program is a great source of information to anyone preparing for the PMP certification. Markus is like a personal trainer, always on hand to help out, guide and motivate you towards your goal."

Shailesh Karnik

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