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By Markus

December 15, 2022 -   minutes read

December 15


In particular, this updated guide will teach you to master the all-important "interpretational formula questions" that PMI introduced only recently.

The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide is your authoritative source for understanding the concepts behind the numbers and being equipped to interpret the results.

The guide teaches you what is important for the current exam: how to analyze and interpret the questions and make the best decisions for the project.

Answer PMP Formula Questions with Ease!

Are you stressed about the math and formulas you need to study and know for your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam?

Don't worry! There's a better way to study them.

Yes, the PMP® Exam and the formulas are complex. But The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide™ was created specifically to provide you with an easy reference and study guide. It is your authoritative source for all the formulas and values you need to master for the PMP® Exam.

It enhances your study experience and maximizes your study efficiency by focusing on mathematical concepts. And you get more than just a list of the formulas. You also get explanations of the rationale behind them, so you can do the math and interpret the results.

Your Interpretational Skills are Key to Answering Formula-Based Questions on the PMP Exam

While it is important to understand the formula as well as the concept behind the formula, the PMP exam more and more tests your ability to interpret results. Therefore, having the right analytical and interpretational skills is a must.

The Formula Guide teaches you this skill with 70 questions, that ask you to go deep into the results and determine what this means for your project.

You must be able to answer interpretational questions like these:

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What comes with The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide?

Your PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide has three main sections: The Formula Guide, The Formula Pocket Guide, and 160 Sample Questions. They are all in PDF format.

The Formula

The Formula Guide itself is the foundation of understanding how to answer formula-based questions on the PMP exam. This section explains the underlying concept, the formula itself, and how to interpret a result.

Interpretational &
Computational Questions

In total you will get 160 PMP exam sample questions. We have divided them up into two sections. One with questions where you have to calculate and one where you have to use your interpretational skills.

Formula Pocket

Want to take the formulas with you wherever you go? Not a problem. We've summarized all important formulas, values and acronyms for the exam on this one single page. Just print it and put it in your pocket for quick access.

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