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By Markus

December 8, 2023 -   minutes read

December 8


Brain Sensei: E-learning with a Punch 

Brain Sensei is a PMP training provider that helps its members prepare for the PMP exam. To this end, Brain Sensei offers a comprehensive and unique course. This covers both adaptive and predictive practices in project management.

This review will highlight what makes Brain Sensei's PMP course unique and why it stands out from any other PMP course offerings you may already know. Let's go ...

Brain Sensei's PMP Exam Prep course is best known for its high-quality animated lessons that help PMP exam candidates understand important management projects easily.

If you are planning to take your PMP exam and looking for a preparation course, this Brain Sensei PMP course review will help you decide whether Brain Sensei is the right way for you to go or not.

We give you a course overview and show you how it "feels" to learn with the highly interactive Brain Sensei course. We give you an overview of the included learning modules and features; show the Pros & Cons.

Brain Sensei PMP Training Course: An Overview

Brain Sensei approaches teaching with a unique and innovative learning method: It teaches project management skills through storytelling methods and achieves this through animated stories.

This makes the course highly engaging and interactive, emphasizing training and assessments. Candidates can take the course for 1 year and have full access to many supplementary materials on the website.

The preparation course offered by Brain Sensei is very up-to-date and very detailed. As part of the comprehensive course package, candidates will have unlimited access to the following content: 

  • For the PMP eLearning course program, it provides 9 interactive story-based modules to learn.
  • 3 Full Practice Exams, including glossary testing questions and realistic exam questions. Retake until you pass with 80% or more.  Time limit to simulate the actual exam.
  • 1 UNLIMITED Practice Exam with 180 questions randomized from a huge bank of realistic exam questions. A different exam every time!
  • Brain Sensei offers base knowledge assessments with the questions to identify & review the blind spots that you lack and gain knowledge in those areas.
  • It gives the students 13 interesting storyline challenges and they have to complete them.
  • After completion of learning, it gives the summary of the course by mentioning the key points of each concept as a recap to mark them and remember them for a long time.
  • If you get stuck at some point and don’t know the solution then it gives an opportunity to connect with the Brain Sensei Facebook community to get support for clarifications for the queries.
  • Everyone has to follow up on the emails that are filled with tips, reminders, and tricks to understand the concepts during the learning period.
  • Brain Sensei always allows you to track & review your progress on how much you learned and how much have to learn by conducting multiple self-assessments in each module.
  • Brain Sensei provides excellent support with an average response time less than an hour.
  • 35 PMP Training Hours validation (fulfilling the application requirement)

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What’s Learning on Brain Sensei Like?

I can say about online learning with Brain Sensei is absolutely unique. The interactive story model breathes exciting life into what PMP aspirants often perceive as very dry learning material.

Regardless of your personal learning style, you, too - I am convinced - will find that storytelling makes for a compelling learning experience.

By presenting the information in a unique way - supported by animations and voice recordings - you are more likely to retain the information and use visual cues for associative learning.

Overall, the impression is of a well-designed learning model with definitions followed by examples and subsequent questions. This further enhances the effective learning process.

Brain Sensei PMP Training Course Modules

The exam preparation curriculum is based on the current PMP Exam Content Outline (PMPECO).

The learning modules include for example

  •  general concepts
  • Differentiating between agile vs. mixed project vs. waterfall technique
  • Implementation of agile techniques
  • Combining predictive/incremental/agile/iterative projects
  • Use of predictive models
  • Identifying organizational issues
  • and learning for the exam. 

The developers of the BrainSensei PMP exam preparation course both hold PMP certifications and have many years of experience as project managers and writers.

The course includes the following modules:

Module 100: Project Management Overview

This training course module teaches all the essentials of project management, including starting and finishing a project, roles, and responsibilities, and learning how project management fits in different organizations.

Module 101: Initiating Projects

This training course module teaches all the processes used in defining a phase of an existing or new project. As mentioned above, you get 1 year of access, and it also earns you 4 PDUs.

Module 102: Planning Projects

In this module, you will learn all the processes required to plan a project, formulate the objectives and also come up with ways of fulfilling those objectives. This module, with a 1-year access period, earns you 7 contact hours.

Module 103: Executing Projects

In this module, you learn how to execute the planned projects and successfully complete the projects' objectives. This module earns you 3 contact hours (PDUs) and can be accessed for 1 year.

Module 104: Monitoring and Controlling Projects

This program module teaches the processes required in tracking and regulating the progress and performance of your project. It also helps you to identify the weaknesses of the plan and how to change them. You'll gain access to this module for 1 year and it earns you 7 PDUs.

Module 105: Closing Projects

In this module, you learn how to close the project by finalizing all activities that include procurement to formally complete the phase or project. This program module can be accessed for 1 year and earns you 1 contact hour/PDU.

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Free Brain Sensei PMP Training

If you are still undecided about joining the 1-year access program, you can try the Brain Sensei free trial, which will give you a first insight into the PMP training course at no cost.

This way, you can decide whether you want to complete the PMP preparation course in its entirety or opt for another solution whose learning style is more in line with your preferences.

The free trial is a great way to see the nature and quality of what is on offer.

You can look at the course schedule and modules to make an informed decision about the best path to take.

Pros & Cons Overview of the Brain Sensei PMP Course

Let's have a look at the pros & cons of this outstanding PMP Prep Course offer.

Of course, where is so much light, there must also be some dark shadow. But decide on your own; here is the overview of the pros & cons first and in the following we will explain each of the topics in a bit more detail.

That way you should paint your own and complete picture of the Brain Sensei course. Here we go:

  • 99.6% First Try Pass rate
  • Interactive Learning with Storytelling
  • Plenty of Practice Questions
  • your own Personal Sensei (Instructor) 
  • 2-month study period 
  • 1,500 realistic exam questions and Unlimited practice exam
  • 35 contact hours
  • Progress Tracking
  • 100% Passing Guarantee
  • complete PMP Content
  • monthly Subscription Option
  • can feel a bit expensive
  • sometimes slow page load-times
  • very click-heavy

So, as you can see, you get much more advantages than the Brain Sensei disadvantages. And the few negative points - if you want to evaluate them as such - are also negligible from my point of view.

Nevertheless, we have added more detailed explanations in the following; just click to expand the list ...

BrainSensei PROS in a bit more detail (click): 

  1. Interactive Learning

Unlike most PMP test prep courses that are usually dull and lifeless, the Brain Sensei PMP course uses brief animated stories that would easily draw you into an engaging animated story of a Samurai who overcomes adversity in Feudal Japan. Not only does the story leave you entertained but also, you get to easily learn critical project management skills.

Through research, it has been proven that receiving information in the form of a story enables you as a listener to have a much easier time understanding and recalling the information. Hence, Brain Sensei’s training style is definitely an efficient method to teach PMP lessons, which are known for being particularly difficult.

Brain Sensei has built most of its reading content on the Articulate platform that enables you to do a variety of things that include: touching the screen, doing self-assessment tests, selecting options by dragging and dropping the selected icons, etc.

Reading highly interactive content enables you to, easily, recall key concepts during the exam period, increasing the chances of passing your PMP exams no matter how difficult they may seem to be. 

  1. Plenty of Practice Questions

In addition to the 900 practice PMP exam questions and explained answers, Brain Sensei’s complete PMP course comes equipped with 4 full-length practice examinations that are available at the end of the course. You are also given practice quizzes after every lesson to help guide you to be aware of the topics that need more of your study time and can also track your progress.

  1. Personal Sensei ( Instructor)

The majority of the PMP test prep instructors are not very fun to listen to, and self-studying is not as interactive as candidates would like it to be. Fortunately, with Brain Sensei, you get to have your own personal animated sensei. Since your instructor is animated, he will always guide you throughout your studies step-by-step and offer you any additional help. This will prevent you from losing focus on your studies and also make your studies more fun.


  1. 2-Month Study Period

If you are trying to finish your PMP studies as soon as possible, then the Brain Sensei's PMP course is certainly for you because the courses' online help section says most of the institutions' students complete their studies within 1 to 2 months. Moreover, most of the reading content is available on your phone or tablet, making your studies much more effortless.

  1. Practice Examinations

The Brain Sensei prep course consists of 4 full-length practice examinations with over 900 questions that help you assess your progress as you await the main PMP exam. Moreover, these built-in self-assessment tests enable you to get a feeling of the full exam period so you can manage your anxiousness and time usage.

  1. 35 Contact Hours

Brain Sensei offers you a 35-hour complete prep course, which is a requirement to sit for the PMP exam. Even better, the hours are broken down into highly interactive lessons and brief animated storyline challenges to keep you engaged for the entire course duration.

  1. Progress Tracking

With the newly introduced real-time and detailed progress tracking reports, you can now track your progress and access your exam scores. This feature allows you to note your areas of weakness and have a study plan to improve on them.

  1. 100 Percent Pass Guarantee

Brain Sensei offers candidates a 100 percent pass guarantee. Through their interactive teaching style, 35 contact hours, and detailed exam content, you can pass the PMP exam on your first go. If you don’t, and you met all the course requirements, you can retake the prep course at no cost.

  1. Complete PMP content

Brain Sensei offers you the full PMP training course that completely covers the PMP exam content from the onset. It also has 8 training course modules that capture the entire PMP curriculum.

BrainSensei CONS in a bit more detail (click):

  1. relatively expensive
Well, yes. It is an investment and it must fit into your budget. But you do invest in your career and you do get a high-quality interactive learning course besides a lot of helpful material. So, from our perspective, it is worth it. And there is a brandnew monthyl Subscription Offer now; so you can control the Cost on your own ... 

  1. sometimes slow page load-times 

Some of the pages took a while to load. This probably says more about my internet connection on the shocking wifi in our house than the product, but do make sure you’ve got a decent connection before you start a study session — as you would with any online training course.

  1. very click-heavy 

Because it’s so interactive, there are lots of places to click. You’ll have to use the mouse, even if you are usually more the keyboard-using kind of user.
If you name a touch-screen your own, that might make the level of interactivity a bit more manageable than constant clicking.

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Story-Based Learning with Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei's story-based eLearning platform is just what you need to pass your PMP exam because you will understand and learn all the concepts with ease.

Brain Sensei developed the eLearning adventure with a female samurai and a setting in feudal Japan to motivate students. This woman has an epic mission to get certified in PMP courses and become a successful project manager.

(click on the Image above to learn more about "What Males Storytelling so effective for Learning" by Vanessa Boris; an author for Harvard Business Publishing in Corporate Learning >>> )

In reality, people are hardwired to stories, and they always find and connect with different types of books, video games, movies, and much more.

So, these make sure that the attention is caught and the knowledge about the concept is easily grasped. This is the main reason for teaching the concepts of the PMP course in the form of a story. In this way, the learning content is much better memorized, and the learner - you - can remember the topics and content better and longer.

Brain Sensei has based the course on the storytelling concept and teaches in an entertaining, interactive, and effective way!

The mimicry and real-time concepts of the course will help them in terms of PMP preparation and the future implementation of the concepts in their daily work as project managers.

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Final Thoughts

Brain Sensei's preparation course is one of the best courses that will help you prepare appropriately for your PMP exam. This highly-rated course teaches you through animated story clips that make learning more enjoyable by engaging you with the material and very interactive.

Brain Sensei PMP exam prep course is rated good or very good by other students with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I appreciate their fresh approach and find such innovations and special techniques helpful for retention. Of course, there are always one or two things that can be improved. For example, the sometimes quite long loading times could be worked on.

And, of course, the required investment of about 500$ is relatively high for many PMP aspirants. But in return, you get a lot for your money, and the money-back policy is quite generous.

Brain Sensei offers you a top-notch learning experience with a 100% success guarantee to achieve your goal of passing the PMP exam in a highly entertaining way.

Take advantage of the free trial period and analyze whether the Brain Sensei platform is right for you.

And now it is your turn.

How did you like this BrainSensei Review? What have you missed? What are your expereiences with the courses and products of BrainSensei?

Let us know in the comments, please!

Until next time, 


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