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By Markus

November 5, 2021 -   minutes read

November 5


 A team of certified project managers developed all the questions. They are updated to the latest CAPM Exam Content Outline: the most recent A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Also, it has its exciting features that you will feel like you're taking the actual exam when using it.

 So, what are you waiting for? Be prepared and get that 100% confidence in passing your CAPM® exam!

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Maximize your exam prep learning with the best CAPM prep tool on the market that gives you access to a diverse range of features to help you achieve above target scores on the certification exam. These include:

  • 650 CAPM Exam Sample Questions
    Your subscription gives you access to an exceptional pool of CAPM practice questions especially developed for the CAPM exam. There are even 200 questions that specifically test your knowledge of Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs (ITTO) from the PMBOK® Guide.

  • Three Full-Length Exams and Two ITTO Exams
    To help you achieve exam success we have grouped the 650 questions for you into five individual exams. Exams 1, 2 and 3 simulate the real 150-question full-length exams while exams 4 and 5 consist exclusively of ITTO-based questions, allowing you to focus on that area of your studies.

  • CAPM Practice Questions Developed by a Team of PMI Credential Holders
    The CAPM sample questions that you will see in the simulator are developed by a team of PMI credential holders from around the world. These experienced project management practitioners develop and maintain the questions following a rigorous quality process to ensure that the questions meet the official CAPM examination standards.

  • Fully Updated to the Latest CAPM Examination Content Outline (ECO)
    You can be confident that all questions in your simulator meet today's PMI® policies because we review and update all questions to the published CAPM Examination Content Outline.

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PrepCast 4

To learn more about the requirments and the application process please refer to the CAPM Credential Handbook:

"The  CAPM® Credential Handbook  should be the first stop for anyone who intends to become a CAPM."

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most important:

♦ Access countdown only starts when you take the first exam!

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♦ Access detailed exam reports, explanations and references

♦ Exam-like questions, developed by a team of 7 certified Project Managers

♦ Timed mode, learning mode and real exam mode

♦ Practice exams on your preferred device. Anytime. Anywhere.

♦ Certified project managers provide answers to your questions

♦ Questions are updated to the latest Project Management Institute (PMI)® exam content outline

♦ Access countdown only starts when you take the first exam

♦ Unsure about an answer? Mark it like on the real exam

♦ Identify your weak areas with detailed and in-depth statistics

♦ Practice anytime from anywhere. No installation necessary

♦ Retake each exam as many times as you like for practice

♦ Screen layout and functions correctly mimic the real exam

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