March 11

Introducing “MP4PM-MindmaPping for Project Management” – Part I

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What is "MP4PM"?

In our last Mind Mapping article I have given an overview why I think that Mind Mapping is that beneficial for project management in general.

I am convinced that Mind Mapping could be a big help in making the project managers daily work easier and more efficient.

A survey by Mind Mapping expert Chuck Frey for instance, shows that business users of mind mapping believe their productivity has increased on average by 25%. 

Mind mapping is being used across organizations to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance meetings
  • Simplify request for proposals (RFP)
  • Overview knowledge management
  • Optimize project management 
  • Improve collaboration and communication
  • and much more…

In addition i do believe that tool-supported Mind Mapping could be used to support all the PMBoK Guide Processes and ITTO’s in a great way. And this is exactly what we want to realize! Therefore we are actually working on an integrated approach which we called "MP4PM - MindmaPping for project management".

The picture in the header of this article shows a sample process map like we will have one for each of the PMBoK Guide processes within "MP4PM"!

In the following webinar I have shown and explained "MP4PM" and one of the processes - Plan Quality Management - within detail. You might have a look here:


The features of "MP4PM"

Starting with this blog we will introduce the most recent features of “MP4PM” over the next few weeks. Resulting in the release of our exclusive "MP4PM" Framework and Community. And you as a reader and member of this webiste here will have priviliged access! And the opportunity to secure an exclusive kickoff membership deal.

Here are the first two features we will realize with “MP4PM”:



Our next blogs will provide all the main features which will be relaized within “MP4PM”.  There will be another webinar at (the third and last part out of this series) in the beginning of may also.

In that webinar I will demonstrate another Management Plan Process in even more detail.   - It is not finally decided yet, which one. You can make suggestisons which one you prefer to see in the comments below! - Watch out, register at our newsletter or at the pre-registration. Don't miss any new information.

Get your free sample map and template!

To get a glimps of what to expect you may consider downloading the "MP4PM Project Charter" Package which contains the process maps and the related Template to support you in creating a professional and 100% PMBoK Guide aligned project charter in no time!

To read more about the project charter, why it is mandatory for any project, why it is benefitial to you as a project manager and much more go to our article HERE!

Project Charter - the ultimate guide (free download incl.!)

Thank you for taking time to read this. 

Until next time.


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