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PMI has recently published this exciting news on its official blog. As a member of the development team for this completely new edition of the PMBOK® Guide

I am incredibly proud to announce that the new 7th version of the PMBOK® Guide will be released on August 01, 2021!

For years, "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)" has been the go-to resource for helping practitioners use best practices to deliver value on the job.

Why are there such massive Changes to the PMBOK® Guide?

Rapid enhancements in technology and the need for organizations and practitioners to more quickly adapt to changes in the market have caused our profession to evolve.

Practitioners are now tasked with identifying the right delivery approach (predictive, adaptive or hybrid) to get the job done and deliver value. To make sure the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition remains relevant, it must reflect this flexibility and assist the practitioner in managing the project at hand to deliver outputs that enable envisioned outcomes.

The PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition, which includes a revised The Standard for Project Management, will support this need for flexibility by adopting a principle-based structure for the standard and performance domains for the guide, in place of Process Groups and Knowledge Areas.

Here are some key facts you should know:

  • The Standard for Project Management is the document that carries the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) designation. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) provides a framework for applying the standard.
  • The 7th edition reflects the full range of development approaches, without preference for one over another.
  • Instead of focusing solely on deliverables of projects, we are helping to put the focus on project outcomes, too.
  • It is also providing specific considerations for tailoring the development approach and processes to the unique characteristics of the project.

Seven Facts About the Pending Seventh Edition

Even more official Facts about the new PMBoK guide Edition directly fro PMI ... 

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What do I need to know about the new structure of the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition?

Overall, the goal with the next edition of the PMBOK® Guide is to make the content more userfriendly and relevant to project managers using predictive, hybrid and adaptive, or agile, approaches.

  •  The next edition will put the focus on project outcomes in addition to deliverables.
  • There will also be an entire section dedicated to the topic of tailoring
  • The Process Groups and ITTOs will be referenced throughout the next edition but are no longer fully included in the publication – PMI will continue to make them available through digital offerings, like PMIstandards+!

Tailoring Process as Outlined in the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition

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Do you have even more Questions about the new PMBoK Guide Edition like

  • What is the difference between the standard and the guide?
  • Does the pending release of the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition mean that content from prior editions is no longer valid?
  • How does this change fit with other published approaches, such as PRINCE2®, ITIL, Disciplined Agile™ and others?
  • Will agile principles be embedded in the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh edition?

Then refer to the official PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition FAQs with more than 25 most frequent Questions answered:

PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition FAQs by PMI >

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What's the deal with the new "performance domains"?

A Project Performance Domain is defined as

"A group of related activities that are critical for the effective delivery of project outcomes."

 To learn about each of the Performance Domains go here:

Yes, I want to know more about each of the new Performance Domains  >

Where will I find the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs?

 In-depth information on inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs can be found on PMIstandards+™. 

The PMBOK Guide® – Seventh Edition has expanded the breadth of tools listed in a new section titled “Models, Methods, and Artifacts,” and content on how to apply these by project type, development approach and industry sector is presented in PMIstandards+™.

A new section in the guide lists common models, methods and artifacts available to project practitioners. This new section provides a brief description and maps each model, method and artifact to one or more of the project performance domains where it might be most applicable or useful.

• A model describes a thinking strategy to explain a process, framework or phenomenon. 
• A method is the means for achieving an outcome, result or project deliverable. 
• An artifact is a template, document, output or project deliverable.

Yes, I want to know more about Models, Methods and Artifacts section  >

Once again - as part of the PMBoK Guide 7th Edition development team - I am very proud that this result is now brought to life and made available to the project economy soon.

From my perspective, this is - even if long overdue - an essential and very right step for the further development of our profession. I am curious to see how project practitioners all over the world will accept and implement this result.

What do you think of the new PMBoK Guide, the many fundamental changes, and what do you think of this article.
I would be pleased about your feedback in the comments!

See you soon,


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